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Family Hanging Hearts Plaque

Family Hanging Hearts Plaque

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Easle or Hanger on the Back
Phrase on bottom of back piece

These plaques are 3 layers and can be personalized with many different words at the bottom, and up to 25 names in hearts hanging! Uses walnut and birch wood. Words at the bottom of the plaque can be engraved into the backing like the first sample, or attached to the trim like the second sample.  

Size 1- 12 names is 9" long x 5" high.

Size 13 to 25 names is 12" long x 5" high.

Size 26 to 50 names is 12" long x 8" high. 

These start at $20 for 1 to 5 names, $25 for 6 to 12 names, $35 for 13 to 20 names, and $40 for 21 to 25 names. Be sure to write the names and the bottom words for the bottom trim, or engraved on the backing. 

These can have a hanger on the back or an easle for table display. Please let me know which you want. 

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