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New Insert Replacement for LED Nightlight Custom Light USB

New Insert Replacement for LED Nightlight Custom Light USB

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*This listing is for just the top clear acrylic insert for your already ordered nightlight with base. When you or your child want a new design for your already existing base you ordered through me, you can order one here! 

Custom LED Night Light - I can engrave your nightlight with any design -Choose a logo or a name! The design can be in any shape - ex:  a football shape with your child's name in it. Shown is a Spencerville Bearcat shape and an oval with a name and stars.  

When the light is off, the design is visible in a white engrave on clear acrylic. When the light is on, the design is showcased in several LED lights. Base comes in black or white - comes with a USB cord to plug in, or a AAA battery option. Use a touch button on the base to change the color and to make the light cycle through the colors in a strobe effect or a gradual fade effect. 

Acrylic Design - Lights up in the base : approximately 4" - 6" wide x 4" - 6" tall depending on the design. 

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